Traditionally, engagement gifts are given to a newly engaged couple as a way of congratulating them, as well as to wish them happiness and successful in their new life together. These gifts are much less extravagant compared to wedding gifts, and are usually given by close relatives and friends of the couple. Often, engagement gifts are practical items that can be used by the couple for their upcoming wedding. Engagement gifts are not mandatory, thus engaged couples should not expect for them even if there’s an engagement party thrown for them. But people are used to prepare engagement gifts when there are announcements that sent out. When presenting gifts in Chicago wedding, one could present the gift directly to the couple before or on the day of the engagement party. If there’s no sending of announcements, the parents and close family members of the couple are usually the ones who prepare the gifts for the couple. Normally, throwing an engagement party occurs within a month or two of the actual engagement, and many invited people will likely be bringing gifts for the soon-to-be bride and groom. Most people often opt for something useful to present as an engagement gift. Typically, they are practical items that can be used by both bride and groom to prepare their wedding as well as their future life together. Popular engagement gifts may include Chicago wedding planning guides, Chicago wedding references, and monetary gifts or gift certificates for wedding components such as photography, flowers, music, toasting glasses, guest book, cake server, and a lot more. Bridal magazines can also make a great choice. Parents may give a family heirloom to the couple or household items to help them start their new life together with the items they need for their new home. The soon-to-be bride and groom may also choose to exchange gifts with each other, which could be something that each one can use or wear on the day of their wedding such as jewelry, cufflinks, or watches. Since engagement gifts are usually unexpected, most couples are grateful receiving them whether at their engagement party or even just during a usual day. The gifts are intended to congratulate them, from their close friends and family members who want to show love and support to them. There are many couples that make their own wedding registry too early, letting their friends and loved ones choose engagement gifts off the list. Couples do this to make themselves well on their way to setting a new household before their wedding day arrives. However, this idea may not be that feasible since creating a wedding registry often requires a great deal of thought and effort. The internet makes a huge source of engagement gifts and wedding venues such as Banquet halls in Chicago. Astoria Banquets and Events,, Call: 847-392-7500 for details   There are now plenty of websites that sell a wide variety of gift selections, from engagement gifts to bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts. Selecting them can be a lot of fun because one can customize his/her own choice with a bit of humor or anything that is desired.