Expensive Engagement and Wedding Rings

Expensive wedding rings and engagement rings seem par for the course these days. But what makes them worth the high price? Several factors go into determining the price of a ring, the most famous wedding jewelry piece. The stones you select for your ring make a big difference in how much you will pay. If you choose diamonds, one of the most expensive stones, you will pay a lot more than if you choose something like blue topaz or garnet. The size of the stone also affects the price of the ring. When miners search for gemstones, it is much easier to find small pieces than large pieces. If you order a small stone, it will cost less than if you order a large stone that is very rare. Engagement and wedding rings come in so many styles that the possibilities for your ring are almost endless. If you pick a popular style that is readily available, you may be able to find a good price. Look for sales before Christmas and Valentine’s Day, as well as special sales on Columbus Day weekend and President’s Day weekend. If you choose a style that is more difficult to find, such as an Art Deco engagement ring, you may find yourself paying a higher price for your ring.

You have several options when it comes to the metal used in the band of your engagement or wedding ring. Gold is one of the most popular, whether you choose yellow gold or white gold. Those who have the budget to do so sometimes choose platinum, which is very expensive due to its status as one of the rarest metals in the earth’s crust. Less expensive options include stainless steel and sterling silver. Stainless steel offers durability for a small price, but the drawback is that stainless steel bands cannot be resized. Sterling silver looks similar to white gold, but it is much less expensive. The prong setting is the most popular for rings. In this type of setting, six prongs hold a solitaire in place. The Pave setting features tiny diamonds all around the band, which makes the ring look like it is made entirely from diamonds instead of metal. The bezel setting is very secure, so it is one to consider if you worry about your stone becoming loose. This setting protects the gemstone with a lip of metal.

Wedding Dresses Under $100

It is absolutely essential to know where to find affordable wedding dresses – wedding dresses under $100, in these times of economic hardship. One need not worry about this because there are many, many stores that sell breathtaking wedding dresses at a discount, as well as bridesmaid dresses for under $100. At least these stores sell these dresses at prices lower than wedding dresses sold in many designer bridal boutiques. One may be surprised to find out that even stores like Wal-Mart sell wedding dresses. At any rate, wedding boutiques also often have a selection of wedding dresses that are not expensive. With these wedding boutiques, it is possible to actually drive a bargain and haggle for the price of your wedding dress. You will be able to make a few hundred dollars in savings. Just the same, if you are considering a wedding dress from Wal-Mart but are worried about ending up with a wedding dress that looks rather plain or worse, like a “budget” wedding dress, one option for you is to customize the wedding dress by adding accents here and there. This is especially possible if you know a tailor that can help you do this, or if you have some tailoring skills yourself.

On the other hand, if you have chosen to buy your wedding dress online – on the internet – do be wary. While it is true that there are many reputable sellers and trustworthy outlets that sell cheap wedding dresses, the problem with buying online is that you will not be able to feel the material to ensure that it will not leave you feeling itchy. At the same time, the cut may be wrong, in terms of the length, and the fit may also turn out to be a little off. This is a problem that you are not likely to encounter if you were to try on your wedding dress in a bridal boutique.

The Beautiful Topaz Ring for Weddings

November is the month commonly identified with the gemstone Topaz and it is the birthstone of individuals born in November. As of late however, topaz rings are getting increasingly more popular not only as a birthstone ring but also as an anniversary present, as a birthday gift or even as an engagement ring like the topaz diamond rings.

Topaz is naturally colorless and transparent but it also comes in a variety of colors such as pale gray, blue brown, wine, reddish-orange or yellow. Using a heating process, topaz can be changed into a rare pink color, reddish-yellow, opaque, gold, white, and blue.

Depending on a persons preference, he or she can choose whatever color she likes because of its diversity. The shape, design and shade of a  topaz ring are also dependent upon the buyers wishes. The design and color of the topaz are usually chosen to match another jewelry, your wardrobe or because it simply matches your favorite color. A persons personality oftentimes play a great part when choosing a topaz ring.

The zodiac sign that is connected with the topaz birthstone is the Sagittarius sign. Common traits represented with people born under the Sagittarius sign are, a friendly and outgoing attitude and usually they are also persons who have very positive attitudes in life. So it is of no coincidence that topaz rings or the gemstone topaz also denote friendship. Just ask someone who just purchased wedding jewelry and they will tell you nothing but great things about topaz rings.

Prices of topaz rings vary as well depending on the type and color of the topaz rings that they want. Prices range from dark brown and pink as rather expensive compared to blue or yellow topazes which are a bit cheap.  When one decides to give a topaz ring as a present for a particular person, the type, color and design of the ring not only reflects the personality of the owner but it also tells a lot about the one who gave it. Topaz rings are for all ages, may they be men, women, or kids. This gemstone has its own distinctive attribute and beauty that makes it perfect and suitably worn with any dress and can be paired with any jewelry.