After diamonds, emeralds are among the favorite stone of many people. Emerald gems are the most elegant and modern. For special occasions like weddings, engagements and anniversaries, emerald rings are chosen next to diamond rings.

Emerald rings can bring a kind of joy that is far greater than the value of money. In selecting an emerald ring, your feelings are more necessary than your money. Thus, it is necessary to know some important things before making any purchase of emerald jewelry. There are some useful tips in buying the perfect Colombian emerald ring.

Color and clarity are the most important characteristics of emeralds. This gem is popularly known for its bright green color. So if you want a good quality stone, then you better find a stone with a bright green color. Check to see if there are any gaps and inclusions within the gem. It is advisable to avoid those with inclusions and holes on the stone.

Inspect the form of jewelry. Emeralds are not so easy to shape according to one’s requirements. Since they can be a bit hard, they might break during reformation. Therefore, intrinsically shaped gemstones are very expensive. This is true for all modern emerald rings.

The carat is the density of the gem. The carat is determined by the presence of the actual mass of emerald cut. It is similar to other gems too. A high-carat emerald is more valuable and expensive. But you should know that the clarity of this gem is more important than carats.

When choosing a band for an emerald engagement ring, yellow gold may be the best choice. Bright yellow gold and emerald green color blends perfectly well and can provide a pleasant sight for the eyes. Silver and white gold are also available, but they do not provide the same yellow color as gold rings.