Tropical Wedding Centerpieces

You do not have to spend your wedding by the beach just so you can have a tropical ambiance for the occasion. With as simple as adding tropical wedding centerpieces, you can transform your wedding reception into something different. Even if the location does not have an ocean breeze, you can expect your guests to dream together with you for such a great tropical-themed wedding.

The best wedding centerpieces to serve your for this purpose are usually tropical flowers. Contrary to popular belief, it does not take too much budget to come up with elegant tropical flower centerpieces for your wedding. With simple arrangements of tropical flowers, you can have the most stunning centerpieces without breaking the bank. Even if you arrange the flowers yourself or you order the centerpieces from a florist, you can guarantee spending only a small amount for these wedding decorations. Plus, you can choose from vibrant colors of tropical flowers including orchids, bougainvillea, dahlia, white oleander, lily, and gladiola to match your wedding jewelry.

To even give the flowers a more tropical touch for your tables, you can use other tropical items as finishing touches for your tropical flower centerpiece. You can use candles, sea shells, palm branches, banana leaves, beach wood, and the like. Your imagination is the limit in terms of creating wonderful centerpieces for your wedding reception. If you have a creative side in you, work on developing art ideas for your centerpieces. Or, you can ask the help of friends, family, or professionals to do the job for you.

Hosting your wedding reception by the beach can be very flattering. However, this is usually a feast that can break your finances. Therefore, if what you are looking for is simply the ambiance of a tropical setting, you can just go with the tropical wedding centerpieces. They will serve you at their very best in dressing up your reception and also in giving you the beach ambiance that you are dreaming to have.

Wedding Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry boxes do not have to be boring little wooden boxes that one uses to store wedding jewelry. If you are willing to look around, it should not be difficult to find one that will suit your style and taste or budget, especially if you look for one on the internet. The multitude of different styles of boxes that are available today is truly amazing. In fact the craftsmanship and materials that go into some of these boxes makes it a jewel in itself. In other words the boxes themselves can be as attractive as the items that are put in it.

The reason why people use jewelry boxes is because it makes it easier to organize various wedding jewelry pieces. There is always the possibility of misplacing wedding jewelry especially small pieces of jewelry items. There are many different styles of boxes available on the market today. IF you do not want to go for anything fancy and want to keep it simple then just an ordinary wooden box will be enough. There are plenty of those available and it is easy to find one for a bargain. They will have the basic accessories such as a satin coated interior, one or two drawers and chambers.

But if money is not a problem then you should consider something like, a white jewelry box or a musical box for your wedding jewelry. There are different types of white boxes, most will be finished with several layers of lacquer. Sometimes they will have a Ming dynasty type of styling, complete with brass hinges and pearls. These types of boxes are considered to be very romantic; predictably making it a popular Valentines Day gift. Of course to make it very romantic the ultimate thing to do is put some jewelry in it.

Musical jewelry boxes have been around for a while, since Victorian times to be precise, and they still continue to be very popular. One thing that people tend to forget is when women get a piece of wedding jewelry or precious stone, they like to put it in something that is very nice, rather than just stuffing it away somewhere. That is when a musical box would make great sense. Most musical boxes are set to the tune of “Fur Elise” which considered to be a romantic tune. There are vintage style boxes available also that look like something from the Victorian era. There is jewelry boxes that are made to look like a musical instrument, which would make a great gift for somebody who is a musician.

Black Jewelry Armoire For a Reasonable Price?

Jewelry armoires are one of those slice of life furniture pieces that represent luxury. They are not a necessity to own - and that’s pretty much the whole point. It’s a luxury to have a suede line jewelry armoire to place your jewels inside, and there’s a comfort you have going to bed at night knowing your jewelry collection is fastened inside one of these brilliant armoires.

The problem for many people who want to buy the classic black jewelry armoire - the kind with 7 perfect little drawers, swinging side doors, encircled legs, and a mirror on top - is the price tag is just too high. It can be prohibitively expensive, which is all part of being a luxury, but can you still find one for a reasonable price?

The answer is yes - if you’re willing to work a little bit to find it.

How to do just that? You’ve got to look in the right places. While there’s certainly other tactics for saving money here, I want to focus on the ones I’m familiar with. Let’s start with the internet. I’ve found amazing deals online at auction sites like Ebay, super retailers like Amazon, and even brick and mortal retail sites like Target, which continually has good deals on
Powell jewelry armoires under $200. Take the time to really sift through the sales on these three sites and you’re likely to come up with a brilliant black jewelery armoire that’s affordable too.

Another favorite tactic is to visit local furniture stores - ones owned by actual local people who run the store - and start wheeling and dealing. By this I mean you should find what you’re looking for, take the price, and offer to pay them a reasonable amount that’s lower than what they’re asking. You will be amazed at how much money you can save simply by asking for a lower price directly.

The final tactic I want to mention today is also the most tedious, but the pay off is the biggest usually. Going to estate sales, yard sales, and garage sales and looking at what’s being sold can unearth all sorts of amazing deals. The problem is it’s hard to find deals on something as specific as a black jewelry armoire when you’re simply canvassing all the local garage or estate sales. But if you do find what you’re looking for, you’re likely to save 50% to 75% off what you’d pay at a store for the same thing!