Choosing Quality Wedding Jewelry

Every bride naturally wants to look good on her wedding day.  After spending so much time, effort and money into getting the best wedding dress, you need to follow through by choosing the right accessories that will complement your look.  You cannot underestimate the importance of picking out your wedding jewelry ahead of time.  Even if you have a substantial collection of jewelry to choose from, it will be unwise to wait until the day of your wedding to decide which pair of earrings to wear.  Ideally, you should start deciding as soon as you know the design of your dress.

There are many things to consider but the main thing that you need to remember is that the rest of your wedding jewelry will need to revolve around the most important piece that you will be wearing that day: your wedding ring.  You will need to choose pieces that will complement the style of the wedding bands you have picked out.  It will look rather ridiculous to be sporting an ethnic-inspired choker if your soon-to-be husband will be placing an heirloom, conservative vintage piece on your finger later.  The overall look should not have any clashing elements.

While the jewelry set that you wear do not have to exactly match, you need to make sure that each piece you put on must be somewhat similar.  For example, art deco earrings will not go with a filigree bracelet.  As a general rule, you need to choose only one kind of metal and stick with it.  Yellow gold earrings will look better with gold shoes than with silver sandals.  The same applies for any hardware that may be included in your headdress and wedding gown. Some brides opt to wear a gemstone that mirrors the motif they have chosen.  A bride wearing an emerald set looks nice with an entourage dressed in blue.  The groom could also wear cufflinks with blue details to fit in with the rest of the bridal party. As much as possible, the style of your jewelry should be in keeping with your wedding dress.  A structural gown will look astounding paired with art deco or cubist white gold.  Big ball gowns are best accented with a princess necklace and chandelier earrings.

Your wedding day being a special occasion and all, it is easy to go overboard.  Wedding gowns are already intricate pieces in themselves and you will not need too much accessories in the first place.  Most brides I have seen look stunning wearing only simple diamond studs and their engagement rings as they walked down the aisle.  Your wedding day glow is still your best accessory.

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Alternative Engagement Ring Options

Diamonds are not every girl’s best friend when it comes to an engagement ring. Although having a diamond engagement ring seems to be the norm, there are plenty of other alternative engagement ring and wedding jewelry options available. If you have a girlfriend who is unique and doesn’t like the normal flawless diamond for her jewelry collection, check out some of the options you have below.

These types of stones are growing in popularity for engagement ring settings and it is not uncommon to see quite a few women with a sapphire or ruby engagement ring. These stones can be used the same way that normal diamonds would be in the ring. You can have them as a solitaire stone or you can choose to have them flanked on the sides by smaller stones or even small diamonds. Some of the more common stones used for engagement rings include rubies, sapphires, emeralds, aquamarines, and amethysts. These stones can come in a variety of colors and cuts.

If you still want to include diamonds in the engagement ring you don’t have to use a colorless one. Instead look for colored diamonds instead. Most people think that all diamonds are clear or colorless, but in fact a lot of the time a diamond will have color to it. In fact, yellow and pink diamonds are rather popular and quite beautiful. In fact, many celebrities are even opting for colored diamond engagement rings rather than the “perfect” colorless ones.

Not every engagement ring has to have a stone or diamond on it. In fact there are plenty of beautiful engagement rings that have no stones but instead are made from intricate designs or are engraved instead. Some women are really simple and don’t want the stone on their hand and an engagement ring should reflect a woman’s style. If your girlfriend is not into the traditional cushion cut engagement rings that most people are used to, there are plenty of other options available. Be sure that you get her a ring that fits her style and personality and don’t worry about what other people may think.

Why Wedding Jewelry is in High Demand

The wedding jewelry industry has for so long been a very lucrative and highly in demand one. Most people go to trusted jewelers because a piece of jewelry is a very significant purchase. From diamond engagement rings to necklaces to earrings, they are all very important pieces for the wedding. In Provo, jewelry clients have very discerning tastes that they choose not just any piece but often look for rare and unique finds. The Provo jewelry industry has been a trusted one for years because they have the best, top of the line collections of precious jewels as a result of the great demand in a college town where getting married is a powerful social expectation.

When one decides to buy a piece of jewelry, one often tries to look for one of a kind pieces that are not seen anywhere else. Buyers want focal pieces that are distinct from others. This is where the design becomes crucial. Jewelry designers must always come up with fresh ideas and designs to become competitive in this niche. If you are lucky to get famous celebrities as clients, then you not only get free exposure but the market value of your designer jewelry greatly increases as well. Notice how these celebrities always credit their jewelry designers in every red carpet event and major awards shows. No wonder jewelry designers make a lot of money. Not only are they given the artistic freedom to create their vision, they are greatly rewarded as well.

Often, most people prefer handmade jewelry over mass produced ones. Handmade jewelry are meticulously crafted and you know that you are getting a piece that is specially made. You can choose from among the different pieces from necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, brooches and many more. They also come in different materials like precious stones, beads, gemstones or metals such as silver and gold jewelry.

The possibilities are endless for the jewelry business. So long as people place a high value on their jewelry, they will not go out of business. As in Provo, jewelry has always been considered a prized possession. Other material things may come and go but your jewelry, if taken cared of properly, will last forever.