Are White Gold Rings Less Valuable?

Jewelers over the centuries have preferred to use gold to create beautiful rings. This is because gold is an extremely durable and non-reactive metal that will not tarnish, rust or corrode. It can be easily melted and shaped into any design. But 100% gold in its pure form is considered too soft to be used for jewelry, so therefore it is alloyed with a variety of other metals in order to strengthen the rings, and also to create a variety of different colors. Of course the most common alloy color is yellow, but rose and white are other popular colors, especially for wedding jewelry.

The gold content of a ring is measured in karats (spelled with a “k”), which is different from the term “carat” which measures the weight of a diamond. The higher the karat number from 1 to 24, the greater the gold content. White gold is defined as the alloy of yellow gold with various white metals such as nickel, palladium, and silver. Therefore, 18k white gold will be comprised of approximately 75% yellow gold and 25% combination of different white metals. The rich gold content will still cast a yellowing tinge over the final alloy, so even white gold will still appear as a pale yellow color.

So you can see that a white gold ring is just another variety of gold alloy, and it retains the same beauty and value as a regular gold ring. Both women’s and mens white gold rings are commonly found as engagement and wedding rings. Sometimes grooms are confused by the term “white gold”, thinking that it might refer to an inferior type of gold, or maybe a scam for the jeweler to make money, but nothing could be further from the real truth. White gold is equally pure and equally valuable as any other type of gold. The value of the ring is affected more by the karat value than by the composition of the alloy.

Alternative Engagement Ring Options

Diamonds are not every girl’s best friend when it comes to an engagement ring. Although having a diamond engagement ring seems to be the norm, there are plenty of other alternative engagement ring and wedding jewelry options available. If you have a girlfriend who is unique and doesn’t like the normal flawless diamond for her jewelry collection, check out some of the options you have below.

These types of stones are growing in popularity for engagement ring settings and it is not uncommon to see quite a few women with a sapphire or ruby engagement ring. These stones can be used the same way that normal diamonds would be in the ring. You can have them as a solitaire stone or you can choose to have them flanked on the sides by smaller stones or even small diamonds. Some of the more common stones used for engagement rings include rubies, sapphires, emeralds, aquamarines, and amethysts. These stones can come in a variety of colors and cuts.

If you still want to include diamonds in the engagement ring you don’t have to use a colorless one. Instead look for colored diamonds instead. Most people think that all diamonds are clear or colorless, but in fact a lot of the time a diamond will have color to it. In fact, yellow and pink diamonds are rather popular and quite beautiful. In fact, many celebrities are even opting for colored diamond engagement rings rather than the “perfect” colorless ones.

Not every engagement ring has to have a stone or diamond on it. In fact there are plenty of beautiful engagement rings that have no stones but instead are made from intricate designs or are engraved instead. Some women are really simple and don’t want the stone on their hand and an engagement ring should reflect a woman’s style. If your girlfriend is not into the traditional cushion cut engagement rings that most people are used to, there are plenty of other options available. Be sure that you get her a ring that fits her style and personality and don’t worry about what other people may think.

Blue Topaz Ring Versus Art Deco Engagement Ring

A Blue Topaz Ring is one of the most popular of the Topaz gemstone. They come in different colors of blue from light sky blue to dark blue. It is said that the topaz is a lucky stone for people born in December. It is also the rarest among gemstones, therefore you are now getting some of the stones lab created. The properties of the blue topaz has been known for healing. This stone is very powerful and was even mentioned in the Bible.

It has a body full of meridians. If the meridians go out-of-place, then the body will become imbalanced and unhealthy. A blur topaz ring is known to kindle, heal, rejuvenate and motivate a person. This stone promotes truth in fullness and forgiveness in a person who finds it hard to forgive. This stone is said to keep a person in perfect health, which will ward off diseases. It increases the metabolism you can lose weight. It nourishes the nerves in the body. In the old days a blue topaz ring was used to cure weak eyesight. The stone is always supposed to find solutions to problems and stabilize emotions. The healing effects enough people to wear jewelry made of blue topaz.

Another popular ring many couples are turning to are art deco engagement rings. They have elaborate designs, sharp angles and contrasting colors. These art deco rings are for people who want something unique. They are a beautiful piece of work. The origin of art deco jewelry goes back to the World Fair Ar Paris. They became popular during the 1920s. These engagement rings can be composed from many metals such as white and yellow gold. Platinum is another metal used that did not over shadow the design.

Art deco engagement ring is decorated contrasting stones and colors. Not only diamonds but coral, emeralds, rubies, turquoise and jade can be used. Art deco rings were never a diamond solitaire, instead used for a center stone surrounded by other stones and shapes and angles. Today, art deco engagement ring are customized by a wedding jewelry professional to be made anyway you would like. It can have details such as scroll-work and engraving. Today, they have a wide stone choices. They show craftsmanship like no other piece of jewelry. Having an art deco engagement ring, will give you a lifetime of beauty, uniqueness and plenty of love. The most beautiful art deco rings come from back in history.