Blue Topaz Ring Versus Art Deco Engagement Ring

A Blue Topaz Ring is one of the most popular of the Topaz gemstone. They come in different colors of blue from light sky blue to dark blue. It is said that the topaz is a lucky stone for people born in December. It is also the rarest among gemstones, therefore you are now getting some of the stones lab created. The properties of the blue topaz has been known for healing. This stone is very powerful and was even mentioned in the Bible.

It has a body full of meridians. If the meridians go out-of-place, then the body will become imbalanced and unhealthy. A blur topaz ring is known to kindle, heal, rejuvenate and motivate a person. This stone promotes truth in fullness and forgiveness in a person who finds it hard to forgive. This stone is said to keep a person in perfect health, which will ward off diseases. It increases the metabolism you can lose weight. It nourishes the nerves in the body. In the old days a blue topaz ring was used to cure weak eyesight. The stone is always supposed to find solutions to problems and stabilize emotions. The healing effects enough people to wear jewelry made of blue topaz.

Another popular ring many couples are turning to are art deco engagement rings. They have elaborate designs, sharp angles and contrasting colors. These art deco rings are for people who want something unique. They are a beautiful piece of work. The origin of art deco jewelry goes back to the World Fair Ar Paris. They became popular during the 1920s. These engagement rings can be composed from many metals such as white and yellow gold. Platinum is another metal used that did not over shadow the design.

Art deco engagement ring is decorated contrasting stones and colors. Not only diamonds but coral, emeralds, rubies, turquoise and jade can be used. Art deco rings were never a diamond solitaire, instead used for a center stone surrounded by other stones and shapes and angles. Today, art deco engagement ring are customized by a wedding jewelry professional to be made anyway you would like. It can have details such as scroll-work and engraving. Today, they have a wide stone choices. They show craftsmanship like no other piece of jewelry. Having an art deco engagement ring, will give you a lifetime of beauty, uniqueness and plenty of love. The most beautiful art deco rings come from back in history.

Wedding Ring Sets - An Overview

The giving of a wedding ring as part of a wedding ceremony dates back to at least the Romans, and possibly even further than this. Traditionally the wedding ring was the last of a number of wedding jewelry gifts which included the engagement ring. Until the 20th century, only the bride wore a wedding ring. Now it is very common for the groom to also wear a wedding ring.

For many years the engagement ring and wedding ring were purchased separately and often did not match very well. For many people this is not an issue, but others like the idea of having them match. Now wedding ring sets are becoming increasingly popular. They usually consist of two or three rings, most often an engagement ring and either one or two wedding rings for the bride. All of the rings are designed to match as a set, to improve the overall effect. Often the rings will physically attach to each other. Some of these sets are not designed just for the bride, and consist of matching rings for the bride and groom.

As with other types of ring, the price of these sets will vary depending on the number and quality of gemstones in the rings, the quality of the stones being graded by their colour, clarity, cut and number of carats.

In addition to the traditional ring metal yellow gold, a set may be made using such metals as platinum, white gold, rose gold or even a non-precious metal such as titanium. Titanium is quite a new development in the world of wedding rings, and is popular as it is very hard wearing and light in addition to being modern and trendy. There are so many different designs to choose from that a couple should have no difficulty in finding one that is right for them. Whether their taste is for simple unfussy designs or something more ornate, or whether they are looking for white gold wedding ring sets or other designs, there should be a set to suit every couple’s taste and budget.

Easy Wedding Jewelry Gifts

The only downfall of attending a wedding is to come up with an appropriate gift such as wedding jewelry or a general wedding registry gift. We can’t all give a toaster, now can we? Purchasing the perfect gift when you don’t have endless funds available can be a difficult task. Selecting a gift that the new couple will like is important to your decision. Wedding wine charms are a nice little addition to your gift basket or simply a stand alone gift. These are wine glass charms that attach to the stems of glassware. The intent is to enable guests to identify which glass is theirs. A side benefit of these is that there are so many creative charms to choose from that you’ll be sure to find a set that your bride and groom will enjoy. There are wine charms that are specifically for weddings, in the shape of bells, etc. Some of these can be engraved with the names of the bride and groom and also the date. This is a very affordable gift that will be appreciated for years to come.

There are many different kinds of wine charms that are not necessarily related to weddings. For any theme you can imagine, you can find charms that will delight anyone. There is an abundance of beach type charms, flip flop charms, pet charms, any type of vegetable or fruit. Take some time to look around online and you will be amazed at the assortment available. If there’s a hobby or something special that your bride and groom enjoy then you can find a set that is personalized to their tastes. Most wine glass charms fall into the price range of $8.00 - $20.00. If you’d intended to spend a little more than this for your wedding gift then you can choose of nice set of stemware to go along with the wine glass charms. Wrapped beautifully and presented with affection, this will be a perfect wedding gift for a friend.