Silver sterling earrings are a jewelry wardrobe basic for the wedding day. There is a reason why they have earned a place in so many women’s wardrobes, especially for the wedding. They are quite budget friendly but at the same time they can give you a high end feel. It’s a great alternative if you don’t have the money to spend on large gemstones or a lot of gold.

A downside to this is that it might seem like you have the same jewelry fashion accessories as everyone else. This doesn’t have to be the case. You can use this as an opportunity to add color to your wedding wardrobe as well as showcase your unique personal style. You can change up a basic outfit just depending on what you wear with it. Here are a few tips on making your silver sterling earrings unique on the wedding day.

Change up the shape of your gemstones. This is a way to you really get a very unique look like going with pink earrings. With a lot of cabochon jewelry lately they’ve been experimenting with a variety of different color palettes. Another trend is to mix and match different gemstones together to get a bigger look. This allows you to get the same amount of impact on the wedding day as a large faceted stone. The end effect has a very designer feel. This also allows you to incorporate a lot of different colors into just one piece that you can be sure will match almost any of your outfit. Don’t count out glass. You might be set on a gemstone but you just can’t find one in your price range or the color that you want. This is really where artisan or a Murano glass can come in handy. You can find beautiful glass beads with lots of swirls or even gold flecks. These are quite inexpensive and they will be a lot different from what everyone else at the wedding is wearing.