Choosing Your Wedding Ring

If you appreciate symbolism and meaning, you may like to consider a Celtic-style wedding ring. Many elaborate styles follow traditional Celtic designs (as well as non-traditional designs) to express particular qualities, for example unity, love, desire or strength. Interestingly, many jewelry makers have noticed a big rise in demand for rings with meaningful symbolism since the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Understandably, everybody wants something different. If you really can’t find the perfect wedding ring already made, you can have one custom designed.

Each option has different advantages. Buying an already made ring in a shop gives you absolute certainty that what you are getting is precisely what you want. In a store, you can also more easily match up various engagement ring and wedding band combinations to help with your choice.

On the other hand, commissioning a custom-made ring gives you control over your unique design. I would encourage people to make the design of their ring a priority. Get something that you like– after all, you’re going to wear it for a long time. The vast majority of couples these days don’t have matching wedding bands; instead, they each go for the style, material and design they most prefer.

A design can be commissioned from a manufacturing jeweller based in a retail store, or by an independent designer/jeweler. Whoever you choose to create your ring/s, make sure you have total confidence in the jeweller’s intergrity and skill. And be certain that they understand precisely what you want. Having a ring made can be a big investment, so if you aren’t totally comfortable with a jeweller, ask more questions or choose someone else.

A couple I know wish they had chosen someone else after they commissioned a jeweler to make their rings while living in Singapore. The jeweler they selected offered very little advice and input into the process, so they were left unaware of key issues that should have been considered.

They ended up negotiating with the jeweller to have their wedding rings melted and totally remade, which of course is not a situation you’d want to find yourself in.

Black Jewelry Armoire For a Reasonable Price?

Jewelry armoires are one of those slice of life furniture pieces that represent luxury. They are not a necessity to own - and that’s pretty much the whole point. It’s a luxury to have a suede line jewelry armoire to place your jewels inside, and there’s a comfort you have going to bed at night knowing your jewelry collection is fastened inside one of these brilliant armoires.

The problem for many people who want to buy the classic black jewelry armoire - the kind with 7 perfect little drawers, swinging side doors, encircled legs, and a mirror on top - is the price tag is just too high. It can be prohibitively expensive, which is all part of being a luxury, but can you still find one for a reasonable price?

The answer is yes - if you’re willing to work a little bit to find it.

How to do just that? You’ve got to look in the right places. While there’s certainly other tactics for saving money here, I want to focus on the ones I’m familiar with. Let’s start with the internet. I’ve found amazing deals online at auction sites like Ebay, super retailers like Amazon, and even brick and mortal retail sites like Target, which continually has good deals on
Powell jewelry armoires under $200. Take the time to really sift through the sales on these three sites and you’re likely to come up with a brilliant black jewelery armoire that’s affordable too.

Another favorite tactic is to visit local furniture stores - ones owned by actual local people who run the store - and start wheeling and dealing. By this I mean you should find what you’re looking for, take the price, and offer to pay them a reasonable amount that’s lower than what they’re asking. You will be amazed at how much money you can save simply by asking for a lower price directly.

The final tactic I want to mention today is also the most tedious, but the pay off is the biggest usually. Going to estate sales, yard sales, and garage sales and looking at what’s being sold can unearth all sorts of amazing deals. The problem is it’s hard to find deals on something as specific as a black jewelry armoire when you’re simply canvassing all the local garage or estate sales. But if you do find what you’re looking for, you’re likely to save 50% to 75% off what you’d pay at a store for the same thing!

The Beauty Of Gold Rings

Gold is used extensively to make a lot of basic jewellery. Gold rings are beautiful to look at and gold is the symbol of success and wealth.  Gold metal is rated by its level of purity. When gold is mixed with other metals to fashion an item, it does loose its purity somewhat, the mixing with other alloys is needed to make it hard to work with.

Twenty four carats is the purest form of gold available, followed by 22 and then 18 16 14 and 10. All gold jewellery produced in the Western world comes with a hall mark sign to tell the customer as to the level of gold in the jewellery.

Gold rings are just one of the items that you can make. It can be dated but then you have the option of reselling or exchanging it for something new.The best place to look for gold jewellery is in the local high street or online, where you can even buy gold bars. Heavy gold bars are quite expensive to buy, they are about 22,000.00 GBP depending on the current price. You can find great deals on jewellery on Craiglist, Ebay and Kijiji. But before you spend any money on any gold rings try and find out if there is a hall mark symbol, because no-one can copy that and that will tell you that it’s proper gold.

Then there is the price, before you buy a gold ring make sure you set aside a budget for it. If you have a budget then you will know what price range you are looking at it. It saves so much time in the long run. Also shop in reputable shops, even online. Don’t just rush out and buy the first ring you see. Check how long the company has been running in business, the longer it has been trading the more reputable it will be. Check out the name on some review websites and see if they have ever been in trouble.

Taking care of your gold jewellery is also very important. Make sure you have a decent jewellery box that can store all your gold rings. If the rings damaged it can affect the price of gold somewhat. Also make sure that you clean your gold regularly because if it is not as pure as it should be and has too many other alloys it will get green spots on there. Use a good ultrasonic cleaner that uses a mild cleaning solution. If you have an expensive ring keeping it nice and clean will protect your investment.