Crystal Necklaces and Wedding Jewelry

People opt for crystal necklaces as a substitute for the more classy necklaces that are made of diamonds. They usually make this decision because they are of the opinion that if they combine their choice with a crystal pendant, it will still bring out the uniqueness they want in a necklace. These necklaces have so many features that make them quite different from other types of necklaces. This write up will examine what really distinguishes these necklaces from the other types available. Whether you are attending a wedding and need wedding jewelry, or you are walking on the beach in Hawaii, it is important that your jewelry fists the occassion. First and foremost, these necklaces have their own beaming radiance and distinctive qualities. They can be used to bring out the glowing colors in any attire and more importantly, they reveal the status of a woman as far as fashion is concerned. They are used to enhance a woman’s rank in a social gathering. The most beautiful thing about these necklaces is that they can be worn on any attire or dresses which make them materials or products of all occasions. Furthermore, these necklaces can last from one generation to another. This implies that they are very durable and they can serve as important gift to your friends, family and other well wishers. Another thing that distinguishes these necklaces from other types is the fact that you can get a lot of them at any time you may want them. They are not scarce to come by because they are cheap. They come in various designs, shapes, sizes and colors. If you are looking for something that will suit your taste, choose this simple necklace. Finally, there are so many alternatives when it comes to buying these necklaces. You can get the best from your boutique and other popular stores in your locality and environment. Also, there are some online stores that offer the sales of these necklaces which you can give a try through Google search.

Eco Friendly Wedding Jewelry Ideas

Today a quick search of the internet and you will soon find many different eco friendly wedding ideas that you can use for that all-important day in your life.  Certainly, as more and more people become aware of the impact that we have on our environment then more and more are opting for the green or eco friendly wedding instead of the more traditional style one.

In this article we provide a number of different ideas, which can help to ensure not only is your day truly special.  But it is one that you know has helped to prevent any further damage being caused to the environment in which we live.

1.  Attire -  When looking for new clothes for both the bride and groom then find a designer, dressmaker or company that only uses organic, natural or fair trade materials.  These materials are ones, which have not been subjected to chemicals that can have a harmful effect on the environment.

Other things that you can do when it comes to what you wear on the big day are to hire the outfits instead of buying completely new ones.  Not only will this save you money, but also the bride may find a dress or a set of wedding jewelry that she thought she could never afford to buy.

2.  Hair and Beauty - This is extremely important for the bride to ensure that she looks even more beautiful on her big day.  Ideally find hairstylists and beauticians who use only natural mineral or organic products on their clients.  However if you are going to be doing your hair and make up yourself then you need to make sure that you use the same kinds of products as well.  Although they cost slightly more than other types you know that they contain no ingredients, which could have a harmful effect on the environment.

3.  Wedding Invitations - I know you may like the look of those gleaming white invitations but in order to get them looking that way they will have been bleached in chemicals.  Instead why not start looking for ones that have been produced from recycled paper or card or why not go for those that are tree free.  If you have the time available you could  make your own paper and then produce your own eco friendly wedding invitations.

4.  Flowers - When it comes to this extremely important addition to your wedding use a florist who either grows or sources locally flowers, which have been grown organically.  The other choice you have is to go online and find florists who use Fair Trade flowers.

5.  Wedding Transportation - If you can try to use venues that are close together so that you are able to cut down on the amount of transport that is needed.  Today there are many hotels and homes where you are able to not only have your reception but where you can arrange to have the wedding as well.  If however, you do need to use transport between home, the church and the reception venue why not go for something a little more traditional and if you can hire a horse and carriage.

We hope that you have found these eco friendly wedding ideas useful and a quick search of the internet will offer you plenty of more to consider and use.  So why not start your search today and you could soon be on your way to organize the perfect day, which is also kind to the environment as well.

Emerald Diamond Ring Expressions

If you want to dazzle your fiance when you finally pop the question, you should look for a ring that she will cherish for the rest of her life. Emeralds have become the type of gem that a woman can treasure and diamonds have always been known to be a woman’s best friend. Diamonds have been the most glamorous gems stones since time immemorial but emeralds are quickly catching on. If you cannot decide between the two gem stones then your best play is to go for an emerald diamond cluster ring. Emeralds and diamonds are complimentary wedding jewelry pieces and you would be hitting two birds with one stone if you go for a ring with both stones. A good cluster ring would have the emerald as the main stone surrounded by a cluster of diamonds to make the perfect cluster ring for your fiance. The opposite would also work out pretty fine i.e. the Diamond as the main stone surrounded by a cluster of emerald gems.

The main stone, the emerald, can be cut into a variety of shapes and the diamonds placed in a way that they would compliment the beauty of the emerald. Common shapes are the square or the circle, though it is also possible to go for a custom shape like a heart. You could also have the shape cut according to her favorite animal or flower, for example a dolphin. A cluster ring may seem to be more expensive than the solitaire ring but in terms of maintenance they are cheaper. Unlike diamonds, emeralds are much more fragile. If the ring you bought has a cluster of emerald stones and one of them got chipped it would be much cheaper to replace this than if it was a solitaire emerald stone.

Tradition demands that an engagement ring must have a diamond in it for it to be meaningful. You can go for the solitaire diamond but that seems to have been overtaken by style. Today you can either go for a large expensive solitaire diamond ring, or go for a smaller diamond set in a cluster of emeralds. The emerald diamond ring is more stylish even to look at since the stones will refract light at different angles giving out a kaleidoscope of beautiful colors. A woman wants to know that she is important to the man in her life so make this once in a lifetime occasion memorable by getting her an emerald diamond ring.