Emerald Diamond Ring Expressions

If you want to dazzle your fiance when you finally pop the question, you should look for a ring that she will cherish for the rest of her life. Emeralds have become the type of gem that a woman can treasure and diamonds have always been known to be a woman’s best friend. Diamonds have been the most glamorous gems stones since time immemorial but emeralds are quickly catching on. If you cannot decide between the two gem stones then your best play is to go for an emerald diamond cluster ring. Emeralds and diamonds are complimentary wedding jewelry pieces and you would be hitting two birds with one stone if you go for a ring with both stones. A good cluster ring would have the emerald as the main stone surrounded by a cluster of diamonds to make the perfect cluster ring for your fiance. The opposite would also work out pretty fine i.e. the Diamond as the main stone surrounded by a cluster of emerald gems.

The main stone, the emerald, can be cut into a variety of shapes and the diamonds placed in a way that they would compliment the beauty of the emerald. Common shapes are the square or the circle, though it is also possible to go for a custom shape like a heart. You could also have the shape cut according to her favorite animal or flower, for example a dolphin. A cluster ring may seem to be more expensive than the solitaire ring but in terms of maintenance they are cheaper. Unlike diamonds, emeralds are much more fragile. If the ring you bought has a cluster of emerald stones and one of them got chipped it would be much cheaper to replace this than if it was a solitaire emerald stone.

Tradition demands that an engagement ring must have a diamond in it for it to be meaningful. You can go for the solitaire diamond but that seems to have been overtaken by style. Today you can either go for a large expensive solitaire diamond ring, or go for a smaller diamond set in a cluster of emeralds. The emerald diamond ring is more stylish even to look at since the stones will refract light at different angles giving out a kaleidoscope of beautiful colors. A woman wants to know that she is important to the man in her life so make this once in a lifetime occasion memorable by getting her an emerald diamond ring.

Is Diamond Wedding Jewelry Right For My Wedding?

If you are wondering if diamond wedding jewelry is the right type to use for your wedding then there are a few things that you will want to think about. There are a lot of different types of jewelry that will provide you with a great look and will make sure that the bride is astonishing when she walks down the aisle. This is a very important day to the woman who is getting married and everything has to be just the way she wants it. That means that she should have the type of wedding jewelry she wants to have as well. If you want to know if diamond wedding jewelry is the right type for you to use then make sure that you consider a few different things.

One thing that you will want to think about is the location of the wedding. If the wedding is outdoors then you might not be able to distinguish between diamond wedding jewelry and other types of jewelry that can be worn. Especially if the wedding is during the daytime when the sun is shining brightly down upon the wedding party. Another thing that should be considered is how much money is available in the wedding budget to spend on jewelry. Some diamond jewelry costs a lot of money and is hard for some people to afford if they have already spent a lot of money on the wedding cake and other parts of the wedding. There are two of the things that you will want to think about but it does not mean that you cannot wear diamond wedding jewelry if you fit these circumstances. You can wear diamonds outside with no problem, and there are some that can be purchased for reasonable prices so you do not have to go without wearing diamond jewelry just because you wedding is outside or you are running low on funds.

The best time to wear diamond wedding jewelry is if your wedding is indoors and you have the money in your budget to afford it. You will be able to find some nice looking jewelry that will ensure that the big day will be one that makes the bride feel like she is the princess she is. No matter what type of wedding you are having or where the location of it is, you are the only one who can decide if diamonds are the best for you to wear.