Fashionable Titanium Wedding Bands For Men

Mens titanium wedding rings have all the style and sophistication that you would expect from any jewelry designer. The designs are sleek and elegant that they really don’t detract from the masculinity of any man that would wear one. Today, it is a popular choice either as a wedding band or just as a fashion item for men whom like wearing jewelry other than just a watch.

The titanium metal has been highly processed and can be really expensive to buy in some of the exclusive jewelry shops. It no longer looks ugly or garish or cheap. Obviously, all things taken into consideration, men’s jewelry will be a lot heavier than women’s jewelry but it can be equally aesthetically appealing to the eye if chosen well. If you search online, then you will come across many shops that will sell gemstones separately from the metal. In that case your problems are solved, because you can design your own ring with a titanium band.

If you dislike gemstones, then it is good idea to look at more plainer designs and select one of those. Experimenting with titanium and other metal, mixing and matching or blending can give you a good effect when you wear it on your finger.

In the jewelry trade, titanium is usually referred to as ‘white’ because of its light color. But it can be found in black also, which if tastefully designed can look really perfect on the right person.

There is a huge range of unusual designs to choose from. Other than having the conventional gemstones like rubies, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires etc, there are other non sparkle stone like amber you can use.
Most men will not go for sparkling, shiny types of jewelry. They will go for something that is duller, more matte and has a certain amount of chunkiness so it looks and feels more masculine when you wear it.
So when looking for mens fashion rings then its worthwhile setting aside a budget and then searching online for the perfect ring.

Choosing Wedding Makeup, Jewelry and Accessories

Jewelry, accessories and makeup can truly make or break your look. They are among some of the most important decisions you’ll make while planning your wedding. In addition to selecting your wedding jewelry, choosing your wedding makeup look is one of the most enjoyable aspects of planning a wedding. Your makeup, jewelry and accessories give you a chance to express your individuality and create the wedding of your dreams.

Choosing wedding makeup carefully is critical to the overall look of the wedding party. Jewelry should also be coordinated among the entire party. Unless you are planning a wedding with a predominant theme, it is important that wedding makeup does not look overdone or artificial. The two most important factors to keep in mind when choosing your wedding makeup and jewelry are the color scheme, and the personalities of the bridal party.

Whether each member of the bridal party is applying her own makeup or if you are hiring a makeup artist or stylist, you will need to decide on which colors will work best with the bridal party’s outfits. Most photographers and makeup artists agree that neutral colors for eye shadow, lipstick and blush match most bridesmaids’ dresses and work the best for wedding photography. Also, keep in mind that wedding pictures last a lifetime. Ten years from now, you will want the pictures of your wedding party to reflect timeless beauty, and not a ten year-old color trend.

The age of bridal party members is also a consideration. You might have a toddler as a flower girl and an elderly matron of honor in the same bridal party. Wedding makeup is applied differently to women of different ages, and what looks great on a teenager will not always look so good on a middle-aged woman, so skip glitter and wild colors. Keeping your wedding makeup neutral will let all members of the wedding party look their best. A beautician or stylist who specializes in wedding makeup can bring out the best in everyone.

The same goes for jewelry. Some types of jewelry look great on a mother or grandmother, but won’t look so great on a little flower girl. Just as you would with makeup, you need to use discretion when choosing jewelry and accessories for yourself and for the rest of the wedding party.

Keeping these things in consideration can help you create a flattering look for everyone in the wedding party. This will help everyone feel comfortable and at their best so that everyone will enjoy the events and have good memories of your special day.

Do You Have Men’s Wedding Rings in Your Jewelry Box?

Do you want to turn your jewelry collection into a full-time or part-time business?.  You could set up an online store or go the tradeshow route.  Examples may include period jewelry, costume jewelry, fashion jewelry, vintage jewelry, earrings, men’s wedding rings, necklaces, bracelets, silver jewelry, rings, gold jewelry, tiaras, and estate jewelry.

If you choose to explore the option of an online jewelry store with your  jewelry collection, you should be able to tell a story about each jewelry piece.  The history of your jewelry should create a bird’s eye view into your family’s history and culture.  Beauty, romance and intrigue play important roles in the story of your jewelry.  Antique pieces attract the most sentimental and scientific buyers.  Let your buyers know that wearing a piece of jewelry from a historical era is a way of respecting the past and bringing original flavor the present.

For the sake of example, let’s assume that you look into your jewelry collection and you decide you want to sell your collection of men’s wedding rings online.  People who learn to sell men’s wedding rings online understand how to market creatively.  Or you may decide that you want to sell men’s wedding rings at a craft show or jewelry tradeshow.   Before your venture into the world of the online jewelry business it is important to identify the following key facets.  First, identify your jewelry and set aside what you want to keep and what you want to sell.   Second, does the jewelry you plan to sell hold sentimental value?  Third, be prepared to tell a story about your jewelry pieces.  Lastly, seek advice from your family and friends who have ventured into the business or hobby of selling jewelry.

But don’t feel obligated to sell every piece in your jewelry collection.  You may have several sentimental pieces that you would never part with.   There isn’t a person on the earth that isn’t sentimental about something or other.  But don’t let that keep you from selling those pieces that don’t have a hold on you.  An easy way to let go of some of your unwanted jewelry pieces is to figure out what pieces you do enjoy.  Once you have selected the jewelry you simply will not part with, have a plan to buy more of those styles of jewelry with the sale proceeds of the jewelry you just sold.  Don’t worry, if you do it right, there will be plenty of money left over to put in the bank.