Beautiful Trillion Cut Topaz Rings

Jewelry is a wonderful gift, but can be expensive. Trillion cut topaz rings are one affordable option that should be considered. Topaz is a beautiful gemstone and is one of the hardest minerals found in nature, so it cannot be easily scratched or damaged. It comes in a variety of colors, including clear, yellow, orange, red, green, and blue. Yellow topaz is the birthstone for November and blue topaz is considered an alternate birthstone for the month of December. Topaz varies greatly in price, depending on the quality and color, but in general tends to cost less than many other gemstones, such as aquamarine or diamonds. Topaz can be cut into a variety of shapes; the trillion cut is one choice for wedding jewelry buyers and collectors.

A trillion cut ring features a piece of topaz cut into a gorgeous three-sided shape. The topaz may be accented by adding smaller gemstones, such as diamonds, around the outside of it. These rings can be either silver or gold and vary greatly in price. The quality of materials used and size are among the factors that determine the price; these rings may be as inexpensive as $30 or as costly as $550. Do not sacrifice beauty for a low price; a topaz trillion ring combines both of these much sought characteristics in one gorgeous package. The 10k gold double trillion ring is such a ring. The ring has 0.12 carat brilliant cut diamond laid into it and the trillion cut blue topaz stones are 10 mm in size. The effect is almost so astonishing as the price. It comes with a beautiful box and is an excellent gift for birthdays, anniversaries or even as alternative wedding or engagement ring. This article is written by the owner of the Topaz Rings Store, they offer a great selection of topaz rings from blue topaz rings and golden topaz rings to smoky topaz rings.

A White Watch is the Perfect Wedding Gift

Choosing a white watch to own or give to someone as a wedding jewelry gift is a great option since it is so accommodating to a variety of fashion styles and colors, especially since the watch itself is white. This is a great gift idea and although some watches brands are quite pricey, there is always a cheaper option. Since this watch color matches almost everything, it will feel good to know that you will not have to think too hard about your entire ensemble all the while having the ability to keep track of time. The nicest colors to match a white watch include red, black, green, orange and just about any other color choice. The white watches that are available for women come in a variety of styles and sizes. Some of them have a light to see the time in the dark, while others are fashioned with diamonds or other gems.

In addition, there are many sizes available with some watches having a small face with others a very large face. Also, you can choose from thinner watch bands as well as thicker ones. Thus, the choices are endless when choosing the right watch for that special someone in your life. This is a wonderful present for any woman and they run the price range from very affordable to more expensive depending on what style and extras you would like for the watch, especially if you choose to outfit your watch with pricey diamonds or jewels. You can even personalize a watch to make it extra special by engraving a lovely message or quote on the back of it. A watch such as this will be loved by anyone due to its great versatility and will be sure to be treasured for years to come. So remember, white watches for women may be the ideal gift of fashion for that special person in your life.