Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring Styles and Tips

Many couples spend hours searching for the perfect wedding rings together: after all, the wedding jewelry will represent the bond they share for life, through good times like anniversaries and family vacations, and difficult times like needing marriage counseling infidelity recovery. If the couple is truly ready to make this lifelong commitment to each other and their relationship, here are some tips for choosing engagement and wedding rings:

The shape of both rings should preferably match each other. Most popular shapes are soft rounded, high domed, curved, straight or flat types. Depending on the shape, the engagement ring needs to sit low enough unlike the wedding ring and not extend out from the base when worn together.

It is ideally important that the wedding rings should complement each other and not differ much in terms of style or design. The width or proportion of rings also needs to be considered. The size of the engagement ring should be measured with the side of the ring and not with the top settings. General principle is to choose a wedding ring of similar width or a little wider than the engagement one..

The metal choice comprises of gold, the most conventional metal in demand. It comes in 14k, 18k or 24k quality. Other being white gold, platinum, or a blend of both white and platinum jewelry, which is now in fashion. Platinum represents the elegant metal but is expensive as compared to other metals.

Although a wide array of gems like diamond, rubies, sapphire, topaz, garnet, opal etc are available it would be preferable to choose ring settings that are durable and tough.

It would be ideal to go for wedding and engagement rings that are of an elegant, timeless design and also of good quality, but since this is something you would wear every day, it’s most important to find a wedding ring style that you will enjoy seeing for a long time.

For the more adventurous, wedding band tattoos are becoming a trendy option in many modern day engagements or weddings. Tattoos form a permanent mark on the body which can be symbolic on several levels. The wedding and engagement ring tattoos denote permanence which is carried on for life.  This also allows couples to convey their relationship in a unique way.

Many wedding band tattoos range in design from black bands of ink to Celtic bands with crisp lines. They also also include innovative inked patterns to dates or numerals or initials of the loved ones. This is usually made around the base of the finger ring. These are considered comfortable and more affordable than traditional finger rings. They do, however, require careful consideration of choosing the right tattoo designs as future alterations are near impossible.

Whatever engagement ring or wedding ring style you finally decide on, make sure it’s a ring both of you love, and that best reflects your future hopes and dreams for your marriage together.

The Unique Engagement Ring

The engagement ring after all these years is still the sign of a permanent and exclusive relationship between a man and woman. Yes, engagements do sometimes get broken these days, whereas in the past that just didn’t happen without there being a lot of scandal. And in some cultures, an engagement is still viewed practically as already being married.

But still the engagement ring means something. A couple’s dating has moved to another level altogether and they begin to look at each other a bit differently. It’s more serious now! And that’s good, because they need to think about the commitment that they are making. Buying a nice engagement ring is only a first inkling of the commitment they are making.

So choosing the right ring is important. But it’s not necessarily easy. Have you got your heart set a certain stone already, or do you prefer to pick a ring and then figure out the best stone for that ring? That can the be the first of several decisions that have to be made. Do you want a assher cut ring, or a emerald cut one, or maybe the pear shaped engagement ring is what brings a sparkle to the eye. These are only some of the stone cuts that you can consider. Yes, the round solitaire gets picked quite often for the solitaire, but you don’t have to be like everybody else, do you?

You will need to become a mini-expert in engagement rings if you expect to make a choice that you are happy with. What would be worse that being disappointed with your engagement ring and being stuck with it for life? Yes, we know, the wrong person! But you have the right person, so do your homework and learn what you need to know about engagement rings so you can make an informed decision. It is partly about just choosing the ring that looks great to you, but there are other wedding jewelry considerations too.

We’ve mentioned already the ring, the stone, and the cut of the stone. There’s also the setting and numerous choices once again. Don’t get frustrated by all the choices. See it as a positive allowing you to having a customized engagement ring to your tastes and budget.

You and your fiancé are like no one else in the world. Your life together as husband and wife will be distinct as well. So why not start off with a unique engagement ring idea?

Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings for the Wedding

Once you’ve decided to get married, you have a lot of things to figure out.  One of the most important things you have to decide is what kind of engagement ring you want.  After all, you will be wearing that ring for a long time.  If you have wondered about cubic zirconia engagement rings, you probably have lots of questions about them before you make the decision to actually get one.  Read this to find out what you should know about them and why they should be part of your wedding jewelry portfolio.

Cubic zirconia by nature is flawless.  The manufacturing process for cubic zirconia guarantees this, so you can be sure all cubic zirconia engagement rings you find will also be flawless.  Diamonds always have carbon inclusions in them, and sometimes they can even be seen by the naked eye.  Cubic zirconia will not have any of those inclusions, and so will always be absolutely beautiful.

All cubic zirconia stones are super strong.  They rate just above an 8 on the Mohs scale.  Diamonds rate a 10 on the scale, which is the highest rating a mineral can get.  If you are someone who has a strenuous job, or someone who plays lots of sports, don’t worry that a cubic zirconia engagement ring will not hold up as well as a diamond one will.  A cubic zirconia ring will look as great after wearing it for 10 years as it does the first time you wear it.  The only thing that might take a beating and not look as good is the setting, but this can happen even with a diamond ring.  Always be careful with any metal jewelry settings.  If you are around harsh chemicals or play sports that will subject a ring to lots of abuse, it might be a good idea to remove your ring in that case only because the setting might be damaged, not the cubic zirconia stone.

Cubic zirconia can be cut into any size and shape, just as diamonds can.  Some people love the look of cushion cut engagement rings, and some prefer more modern princess cut engagement rings.  It doesn’t matter what your preference is, you will be able to find a cubic zirconia engagement ring cut into the size and shape that you love, with no compromising needed.

This is probably something you already know:  Cubic zirconia engagement rings are very inexpensive.  The reason I list it here is because you should not feel like your ring is inferior because it was inexpensive.  Good quality cubic zirconia rings set in sterling silver can easily be found for $50, and sometimes less than that.  Gold settings will run somewhat higher, but will still be very reasonably priced.  What would you rather spend - $179 for a gold cubic zirconia engagement ring, or $1000 (or much more!) for a diamond one?

When you are planning a wedding and adding up all those expenses, a CZ ring sure makes sense.  Hopefully this guide will help you decide if a cubic zirconia engagement ring is right for you!