Finding the Ideal Wedding Party Jewelry

There are certain acceptable standards when it comes to choosing wedding party jewelry pieces. In general, a simple wedding gown needs only simple styled jewelry pieces, while a detailed and glittery wedding gown requires an elegant set or style of jewelry.

The very first thing you’ll want to consider in your quest for finding beautiful wedding party jewelry is whether or not the pieces will be given solely as a token of your appreciation, or if you expect the attendants to wear their gifts for the ceremony. If you’ll want all of the pieces worn during the wedding and reception, then you’ll want to ensure they’ll match or harmonize the overall theme of the event as well as the dresses you’ve chosen. As the bride, you’ll also have to decide if you want each of the attendant’s pieces to match exactly, or if you’d rather coordinate pieces but each with subtle differences that make them uniquely their own.

A perfect example of unique but matching jewelry for the bridal party would be crystal necklaces in different but complementary colors. Or necklaces of all the same crystal but in a different design. Or even pearls of varying sizes and designs. Cultured pearls will always be a timeless choice for wedding jewelry that displays a sense of classiness as well as romance.

Another good choice for your bridal jewelry is the color white as it offers all of the sparkle and glamor of diamonds, but without the hefty price tag to match. If your wedding colors are burgundy or red, you may want to consider choosing gems such as garnets or rubies. But if the colors are peach or beige then you may want to choose opals, clear crystals, or any gem with a neutral, understated hue.

Yet another option to consider when choosing jewelry for your wedding party jewelry is to select pieces that everyone will be able to wear again for other occasions, unless they’re intended to be held onto as keepsakes after the wedding. Necklaces are always a good choice for bridal party jewelry as the varying lengths available will fit everyone and regardless of hair length or styles, the necklace will be easy to see during the wedding. However, keep in mind the neckline of the gowns you and your bridesmaids will be wearing. In essence, the jewelry you choose for your bridal party should match your own sense of style as well as the formality of the ceremony (and also complement the bridesmaids attire).

Taking the time and effort to choose wedding party jewelry is not only the perfect way to show your true appreciation for sharing in your most important day, but it will also give your bridesmaids a rather special memento to treasure and remember always.

A Wedding Vintage Crystal Necklace

There are a few interesting pieces of wedding jewelry that resemble older styles. A vintage crystal necklace is often a new item made to have the appearance of a piece made several decades ago. The new designs may include the popular Swarovski crystals in combination with other bead items. These crystals come in an assortment of colors and have a brilliance that enhances the look of the whole necklace. Some of the vintage styles are created as shorter lengths that come close to the base of the neck. They can be found in single strand styles as well as in multiple strands.

Some of these newer styles for vintage pieces will use the colors that were popular for the older designs. Many will incorporate browns, yellows and golds into the creation of the crystal item. There are also several shades of blue often used as well as black. The crystals themselves can be shaped as traditional bead styles or in spherical designs. You can even find these crystals available set in combination with genuine gemstones such as pearls. A lot of these stunning necklaces have earrings that match their design.

If you collect various styles of wedding jewelry you might want to purchase a jewelry case to keep them in. These are available in lots of interesting and colorful designs to suit your personal taste in decorative items. You will find them online by visiting a Jewelry Case Site or by doing a browser web search. Keeping your fashionable jewelry in a convenient case will help protect it from accumulating dust and debris if left out on a dresser top. The interior of a case will often be lined with a soft material to prevent your treasured pieces from getting scratched. It also keeps your items neat and organized so you can always find the exact piece you want to wear.

Choosing Right Hand Rings for the Wedding

Wedding jewelry such as engagement rings and wedding rings are worn as symbols of love and commitment. Its beauty is sometimes a source of envy among many women who cannot wear any of these rings. Good thing there are right hand rings. Beautiful and exquisite rings for the right hand are worn to celebrate a woman’s individuality and independence. What is more, the right hand ring features different gemstones in various designs from the most extravagant to austere beauties. When selecting for the most suitable ring that fits your personality and lifestyle, consider the following factors:

Right hand rings are really intended to be worn on a daily basis but amongst the glut of right hand ring designs available, there are certain rings that are not suitable for everyday use. Generally ring bands made from platinum, silver and 18 or 14 carat gold are suitable for daily wear. Among the stone embellishments, semi-precious stones such are opals, garnets, topaz and citrines are prone to chipping, scratch and damage. You can still wear these stones on a regularly basis, though, just bear in mind they are more fragile.

The right hand ring is more extravagantly designed compared to wedding jewelry such as an engagement ring. Moreover, since this type of ring is made primarily for women to express themselves, the designs are very varied. The choice is really very personal. But to narrow down your choice, opt for the ring width that suits your finger. If you have petite fingers, you might want to limit yourself to the thinner ring bands as these will make your finger look slimmer. As to the stone setting, you can opt for stones aligned parallel to your finger.

Like I said, the choice of the best right hand ring is very personal. It doesn’t matter whether you choose an understated diamond ring or an exquisite green amethyst diamond ring. But it would be better if you consider a ring that fits your lifestyle. So, whether you are single, engaged, or married, right hand rings give you the free-hand to select (with the above considerations in mind) a precious ring jewelry that is entirely YOU.