Nowadays, white metal rings are more in demand than the traditional yellow gold.  White metals like white gold, platinum and palladium are considered more elegant and suitable for any skin color. As for men’s engagement rings, white metal is also a more popular choice because yellow gold is normally reserved for the wedding ring.

Apart from the luxurious precious metals like the three mentioned above, titanium, cobalt and tungsten carbide are good options for men’s engagement rings as well. They’re more economical and stronger in quality.  A growing number of men particularly like how they’re easier to maintain and yet still rather nice to look at. This new breed of strong metals used for jewelry-making though in their natural state, not as vibrant in color as white gold or platinum can be treated through a special method to appear lighter.  The technology used to create this effect makes the high shine polish last longer than electroplating can so you can count on your less expensive engagement ring’s quality to last a really long time.

Choosing an engagement ring with a feature stone is also easier with a white metal for a band because the color is not too overwhelming.  Unlike with yellow gold which is very warm-toned, some colored stones tend to compete with the intense yellow color and somewhat appear tacky. Men these days are careful about possibly looking like they’re stuck in the seventies or something that’s why they opt for clean bands that have minimal add-on features and appear quite sleek. Simple, classy are the two important qualities for men’s rings especially for bands that are going to be worn quite often. Incorporating other embellishments may be appealing but may not be so in a practical point. White metals also have a modern and neutral appeal that’s why in a sense they’re seen as more wearable than yellow gold.