Through the ages, expensive gems and ores have been gathered and mined for the creation of beautiful works of art. The wealthy wore these to show their standing in society. These were more than mere trinkets. They were expensive, and distinguished the upper classes from the lower. It is more common for people, of all lifestyles, to wear it now, particularly when a man and woman join themselves together for all time. This wedding jewellery is a mark of many things, especially as a symbol of their love. We will look at some of the types of adornment that people may wear or gift at weddings.

For the bride there will be the engagement and wedding ring set. The woman of the day will have the option of other pieces that may compliment her choice of a wedding dress. She will likely have a necklace and earring set that match. These may be made of pearl, diamond, or other precious gems. If a woman is feeling very glamorous, she might choose to add a bracelet or anklet to her wedding jewellery ensemble. Many women will also have a tiara to grace their heads. It is also common for the bride to purchase a gift for the mother of the bride, her mother-in-law, and the bridesmaids. Often it is a gift of jewellery.

For the groom, it is less likely to find so much adornment; however, he will likely have a wedding band for his finger. Sometimes it will match the brides, other times it is uniquely his. He may have diamond studded cuff links. The groom and his groomsman will have tiepins for certain styles of tuxedos. These are a type of wedding jewellery. They are very useful when the theme of the wedding is colonial, and the groom must wear a cravat. It is standard for the man of the day to give his groomsman a gift as well. He may choose a watch, cuff links, or other personalized items.

Jewellers create with many beautiful metals, gems, and materials. These creations will be found as a stunning piece that added charm to a young lady’s wedding gown. They will be given as tokens of thanks to the loved ones that helped bring that special day to life. Wedding jewellery will be remembered for a lifetime, as it shines from the many wearers, captured in pictures.