Wedding preparation is without doubt a stressful task. But newly weds don’t really have to deal with the added stress and anxiety of reception planning and expenses. This article will provide you a few suggestions where to find cost-effective wedding favor boxes.

Your wedding day should be the happiest and most unforgettable time of your life. However, most couples find the wedding preparation very stressful off the bat. The planning is done for the church arrangement, the reception, and then the honeymoon, while you and your partner are left thinking about how you will compensate everything. Cutting down the expenses on certain items can lessen the stress and anxiety of the preparation. Determine the most important things and prioritize based on their significance.

The boxes for wedding favors don’t have to be costly. Simple poem and candy can suffice.  Keep in mind that your guests are coming to your wedding and reception to honor you as a couple, congratulate you and your spouse, and leave a gift or present such as money or wedding jewelry. There are places where you can purchase wedding invitation boxes and favor boxes in bulk and discounted prices. Most of the paper supply stores furnish these types of wedding accessories.

Stick with your budget. Normally each favor box will only cost you about $1 to $13. Take advantage of the online resources where you can find suppliers and stores who offer bags and boxes to accentuate your wedding favor in lower prices. Use the online search engines and input “wedding bags and boxes”, “wedding supplies”, or whatever you are looking for. Many companies sell the favors with pre-printed cards and other accessories.

There are several different boxes and bags to select from. The following are some of the most typical options:

  • Elegant Tulle bags of circles tied around the favor.
  • Organza bags that are commonly filled with scented soap, candy, potpourri, or other types of treats.
  • Fabric bags, most of the time clear or with designs.
  • Small square box that comes with quilted material, which incorporates flair to any small favor. You can fill the box with scented oil, mints, or any mementos of your choice.