Are you in love with the romanticism of past generations? The ideals of the past are often portrayed as a simpler solution to today’s fast paced world. If you love the idea and styles of past generation, then a vintage wedding may be the perfect idea for when you say “I do.” No matter where or how you plan your wedding, it should be a reflection of the bride and groom. If your fiance is not so thrilled with the idea of a vintage wedding, then do not fret! You can have complete control over how you dress from your bridal gown to the shows. You can complement your look with vintage jewelry- a look that will turn you into the glamor girl you have always been.

Vintage jewelry can range from priceless heirlooms to cocktails sets. It depends on your budget and distinct sense of personal style that will dictate what sort of piece you wear on your wedding day. If your family has an expensive and family keepsake, perhaps wearing it on your wedding day would be ideal. Then it can be your something borrowed and something old. If you prefer something not so expensive then go to your local vintage store or research online for a great piece that you can cherish forever. A large cameo brooch would look lovely as a necklace or placed on a veil. Vintage earrings can become hair ornaments as they poke out between the curls of your chignon. All you need is a little bit of creativity for your new piece of vintage wedding jewelry to go a long way.

When looking for that perfect piece, you want to make sure what you buy is in good condition. If it looks like it has not been cleaned, ask the owner to clean it for you to see if it will become more resilient after some elbow grease. If it does not look like it improved, then move onto the next item. If the jewelry does not shine today, it will not shine on your wedding day no matter how much you wish for it. Be sure to invest in a wedding jewelry piece that has versatility- something that you could wear again for another formal event or even with a pair of jeans. There are no rules when it comes to vintage jewelry. Enjoy your vintage piece and your wedding day in style.