Wedding Jewelry and Unique Mens Rings

When getting prepared for the wedding, men in general tend not to be too concerned about their rings style. However other men are really into wearing a unique men’s ring that sets them apart in both attitude and style. You often see this in men who wear a lot of rock ‘n roll jewelry. They are also into rings that match their bride on the wedding day and are often unique and one-of-a-kind rings made especially for them.

Other types of¬†unique mens rings are ancient coin rings. Many men like the appeal of jewelry and especially rings that have an ancient coin from the Greek or Roman eras mounted in them. Because in that ring are two things that appeal to the history buff and the currency buff. Also, since every coin made in that era are totally different in terms of wear and tear on the coin and the amount of relief left on the face of the coin. So each piece with an ancient coin in it will be completely¬†unique ring unless of course it’s a reproduction piece.

Other types of mens rings with artistic flair include new types of rings that sport inlaid chunks of raw 24 kt gold along with inlaid gold quartz. Mens rings with unique style also include rings made from exotic metals like tungsten inlaid with silver or gold to from unique contrasting elements in the same ring. On the one hand you have the almost ceramic metal luster of tungsten coupled with the deep yellow of inlaid 18 kt gold.

Some of the more outrageous types of mens rings include some inspired by hip hop style. Many of these are custom made one of a kind rings that are usually obscenely gigantic and emblazoned with diamonds for the iced out look that is so popular in hip hop these days.