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Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring Styles and Tips

Many couples spend hours searching for the perfect wedding rings together: after all, the wedding jewelry will represent the bond they share for life, through good times like anniversaries and family vacations, and difficult times like needing marriage counseling infidelity recovery. If the couple is truly ready to make this lifelong commitment to each other [...]
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The Unique Engagement Ring

The engagement ring after all these years is still the sign of a permanent and exclusive relationship between a man and woman. Yes, engagements do sometimes get broken these days, whereas in the past that just didn’t happen without there being a lot of scandal. And in some cultures, an engagement is still viewed practically [...]
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Matching Wedding Bands

When planning a wedding, there are many challenging small and large details.  But the selection of wedding bands is not one of those details.  It involves only the couple and can be fun and relaxing when compared to other wedding plans. Matching wedding bands are popular with jewelry stores and couples.  The symbolism of the [...]
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