Moissanite rings have a brilliance and sparkle guaranteed to not fade over time. Created from a mixture of silicon and carbon, this material combination creates a brilliant sparkly eye-catching stone. Only second in hardness to diamonds, these stones have passed as diamonds using traditional diamond testing.

Mimicking the natural stone that was too minute for jewelry, today’s moissanite is lab created. The process to create this stone is expensive and requires a patented thermal technology. One company, Charles and Colvert hold the patents for the unique processes. This company is the sole manufacturer and distributor of moissanite.
Unlike diamonds, Moissanite is not color graded. This stone, depending on the cut of the stone, will vary in brilliance and fire. For this reason, the round cut appears to present the most favorable beauty of this stone. The weight of this stone is lighter than the weight of a diamond. Although the size of a diamond and moissanite are identical, the full karat for the moissanite may be 12% lighter than a diamond.

Moissanite rings are available in settings of gold, silver platinum and palladium. Stone cuts are rounds, ovals, squares, princess cuts and all the other traditional stone cuts. This stone comes with a lifetime guarantee to never fade, chip, break or scratch.The clarity of this stone is measured by the scale used to grade diamonds. Moissanite has the rating of VS because the stones do have very small inclusions that cannot be seen with the human eye; is the result of the technique used for crystal growth. VS is the top quality level found in this stone.

Moissanite rings are now available in beautiful sparkling colors of rose pinks, canary yellows, blues and greens. The addition of color has not changed the other characteristics of this stone, but increased the choices for ring selections. All moissanite settings have the look of diamond rings, but the price is more affordable.