Wedding jewelry such as engagement rings and wedding rings are worn as symbols of love and commitment. Its beauty is sometimes a source of envy among many women who cannot wear any of these rings. Good thing there are right hand rings. Beautiful and exquisite rings for the right hand are worn to celebrate a woman’s individuality and independence. What is more, the right hand ring features different gemstones in various designs from the most extravagant to austere beauties. When selecting for the most suitable ring that fits your personality and lifestyle, consider the following factors:

Right hand rings are really intended to be worn on a daily basis but amongst the glut of right hand ring designs available, there are certain rings that are not suitable for everyday use. Generally ring bands made from platinum, silver and 18 or 14 carat gold are suitable for daily wear. Among the stone embellishments, semi-precious stones such are opals, garnets, topaz and citrines are prone to chipping, scratch and damage. You can still wear these stones on a regularly basis, though, just bear in mind they are more fragile.

The right hand ring is more extravagantly designed compared to wedding jewelry such as an engagement ring. Moreover, since this type of ring is made primarily for women to express themselves, the designs are very varied. The choice is really very personal. But to narrow down your choice, opt for the ring width that suits your finger. If you have petite fingers, you might want to limit yourself to the thinner ring bands as these will make your finger look slimmer. As to the stone setting, you can opt for stones aligned parallel to your finger.

Like I said, the choice of the best right hand ring is very personal. It doesn’t matter whether you choose an understated diamond ring or an exquisite green amethyst diamond ring. But it would be better if you consider a ring that fits your lifestyle. So, whether you are single, engaged, or married, right hand rings give you the free-hand to select (with the above considerations in mind) a precious ring jewelry that is entirely YOU.