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Wedding Ring Sets – An Overview

The giving of a wedding ring as part of a wedding ceremony dates back to at least the Romans, and possibly even further than this. Traditionally the wedding ring was the last of a number of wedding jewelry gifts which included the engagement ring. Until the 20th century, only the bride wore a wedding ring. [...]
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Easy Wedding Jewelry Gifts

The only downfall of attending a wedding is to come up with an appropriate gift such as wedding jewelry or a general wedding registry gift. We can’t all give a toaster, now can we? Purchasing the perfect gift when you don’t have endless funds available can be a difficult task. Selecting a gift that the [...]
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Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring Styles and Tips

Many couples spend hours searching for the perfect wedding rings together: after all, the wedding jewelry will represent the bond they share for life, through good times like anniversaries and family vacations, and difficult times like needing marriage counseling infidelity recovery. If the couple is truly ready to make this lifelong commitment to each other [...]
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